Sunday, January 4, 2015

Paul showing the first effects of cabin fever?

Ok its cold and I’m in semi hibernation which gives me time to trawl you tube.

I happened across a link to The Citizens Hearing on UFO disclosure.   This is where people who have had experiences and interactions with things not of this planet have the floor to deliver their statement under oath to a panel of retired congressmen and women and ex senators in the Press Hall near Washington.    I believe they in turn will take that information to the senate and congress to try and get full disclosure of UFO encounters etc. 

A few months ago I researched an encounter in Rendlesham Forest after watching a film called Hanger 10 , as interesting as it was I passed it off as just a film.   However since watching the video of   The Citizens Hearing on UFO disclosure in which  2 USAF officers disclose first-hand under oath what exactly they saw and experienced, I'm not so sure.   Aside from the possibility of there really being 'something out there' there was a much more important issue arising from this hearing,  that was the admission by the panel that the President of the USA is not in charge of the country!

They admit that there is a secret financial/military/oligarchy which rules the USA.   For many years I had heard the term Illuminati and assumed that that title covered just about anyone in the halls of power, again, now I'm not so sure.

I'm not sure if I am going insane now that I’ve seen that video, but the more you look the more things start to connect.   Mentioning UFOs usually makes people switch off or start mocking, however if you leave out the whole UFO part of the debate, you’re left with a huge information hole of secrecy which separates the ordinary members of congress and President from the people who really run the USA and maybe the world.

Its a long video, in fact the hearing lasts a whole week , but this one in particular is worth watching to illustrate my point , consider that there you have the panel who have served the US government watching in awe the things they’re being told.

Please comment on this page as to what your views are, for the sake of my sanity  :)
Thank you.

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