Saturday, May 23, 2015

Oops 3 in 1

Because it's nearly 3 months since the last update (and I normally waffle on a bit) we're trying a different format this month - few words and many pictures.    Normal service will hopefully return next month. 

Tracey decided to 'improve' the old light fittings she had acquired, although after she painted the egg holder pumpkin orange the paint had to be confiscated to stop the whole house becoming orange.

She also revamped some old window frames and offcuts of boards to make, pin boards & blackboards.  The mirror was originally dark wood and painted as she wanted to check out the colour she, had already, bought for the kitchen wall

She also stained the stair stringers and some beams with a homemade (vinegar) concoction


The treads were done with a tinted varnish

As the last blog ended our 'kitchen' was a blank room (with a planer thicknesser in the middle of it)  walls needed plastering/boarding, a staircase needed building before we (Paul) could  start laying tiles and building units.     It's still a long way from finished but ...

Somebody, we won't tell you her name, had the silly idea of stone cladding the end wall.   Although Paul started it off he did receive help, Tracey took random literally and didn't realise she was supposed to be using a system.   Seemingly you can tell more than one person was working on the wall.

As well as the inside work, planting and 'other stuff' has been happening outside, this has mainly been the work of a Belgium workawayer  (Speedy), who has learnt to adapt his techniques to use what is available than automatically buying in materials.  

Just under half the barn area has had the rubble dug out and a concrete floor laid, this will become the home of Paul's toys aka his workshop.   Having this area done was upsetting for the first couple of days (starting area of fire) but now we can see the potential here, whereas before we discussed ideas but made no decisions..

Because Paul and Speedy didn't seem to 'gel' when working together I needed to find another project for our enthusiastic Belgium - upcycling stones, bricks and burnt rafters into a covered sitting/dining area, seemed like a great idea.  The tarp is temporary until Paul decides what he wants to do for a roof - favourite idea at the moment is woven saplings. 

We haven't been working all the time,    Tracey got a 24 hour pass to travel to a friends birthday, Paul, Tracey & Speedy went to a local restaurant for another friends birthday, and we all took the time to admire the few flowers currently in the garden.  

In April Pita, Krava & Tinkerbell joined us.    They were intended as breeding stock but the temptation to put the little darlingss in the freezer is growing   teehee

We've probably missed loads of our activities  from the past three months, but you'll no doubt find them mentioned in future posts.     Hopefully see you all in a month


  1. Surely you could have spared the time to update all your avid fans....after all, you don't do much.

    Seriously though, I can't believe how much work you fit into your lives and everything is looking great. And doing the garden too! Well done you.

  2. Just come across your blog, do you fancy swapping links? Just updated my site and found a lot of the old blogs I linked to were no longer around,but now discovering new ones!

  3. Goat curry is very tasty ! XX